Colchester escorts personal example of life was stuck

  • whitehavenmag
  • September 11, 2017

    I’ll share with you an open, vulnerable personal example of this of where my life was stuck, where my life was kind of choked off and stagnant. And a year ago, I was looking for a marketing director. See, I ran all of the marketing for my own company and my mother’s company, and I wanted to do more speaking, teaching, and coaching and really live into my dream of serving you and helping you create the relationship that you want. And so I started interviewing for marketing directors, and it’s a niche. It’s a highly skilled – we needed someone who was badass. We needed someone who was awesome to fill this position, someone who was better than me. That was my goal. I wanted someone who was better than me to fill this position. And so I started interviewing and interviewing and it took me a year. I was interviewing people for a year and still hadn’t found the person.

    As a Colchester escorts I started to reflect and think, “Wow.” It was actually my brother who came to me and said, “Hey, man, what kind of resistance do you have for attracting the right marketing director to your company and mom’s company?” And I said, “Oh mean, that’s a good question because it’s been a year and I still haven’t found this person yet.” And so I really began to reflect. I got quiet, I sat down and I thought, “Is there anything I have to face? Or what would it cost me to bring this person in and to really find them?” And then it dawned on me that there was a part of my ego that has this looking good complex.

    See, I want to look good in the presence of others and if I found someone who was better than I was and who exploded our company’s growth and who took it to whole new levels, that somehow that was going to reflect bad on me – that my skill sets were going to be seen as less value, that all of the work that I’d done previously was going to be seen as less valuable – and there was a part of me that wanted to look good as a Colchester escorts of As I identified that, got clear on that and did a process around releasing that, it completely opened up the flow. It opened up the momentum. The very next day, I’m on the phone with one of my colleagues and I ask him, I’m like, “Hey, man, we’re looking for a marketing director. Do you know of anybody?” Someone who I had not talked to previously – this guy I knew, and I just never thought – it never dawned on me – to ask this individual for access to a marketing director, you know, a link, a connection. And he goes, “You know, actually, there is someone that I can think of.”

    He introduced us via email, we had the interview the following day. So within 24 hours of getting clear on this resistance and releasing it, we found our marketing director, who is better than I am, who is taking our businesses to a whole new level, and it is awesome. When you get your vision, when you get your energy in alignment and you clear up the resistance that accelerates the flow. That creates momentum in your life and you’re able to attract what it is that you want.

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