Shake up your sex lifestyle to boost the spark between you and your partner.

  • whitehavenmag
  • September 26, 2017


    Have a great sex it would only be achieved once you feel pretty on yourself.  Feel sexy and enjoy wearing seductive lingerie that would totally add up the heat on the fire burning to the both of you. Flirt to your partner like you do when you were just started dating. It will make so much anticipation that your partner is eager to look forward to sleep with you. Put up some candles on your bedroom. Make your room sexy keep the things that will embarrass the night. With that you can start the game. Start moving in front of your partner touches his body firmly and gently. Kiss him with so much sweetness. Adore every single details of his movement. While having the foreplay gradually remove your underwear and let him touch your vagina to make you feel hotter.  In this juncture you consider you’re self-floating up in the sky. All you have in mind is the sweetness and silky touched coming from your partner that you wish to become harder and harder says Watford Escorts from


    In times of silliness and pleasure all you think is to make your self-satisfied. You feed yourself to what it wants and provide what makes it more challenging. There are certain things in this world that you need in order to improve or even grow from what you used to do. Open minds to every discovery of these generations brighten up your infatuation especially with regards to sex. Your sex life will become interesting due to the upgraded information you applied it. You add up extra flavor to make it tasteful.


    Flirting is the best way to attract someone. When you flirt make sure you very smart. A mistake of making it can spoil your impression instantly. Use gestures that will play your tricks. A sex lover man knows how to flirt his woman. To enhance your skills and tactics on flirting with your partner you need to explore in very possibilities that would take into place says Watford Escorts.


    Being comfortable and naughty by using dirty and silly talks is a way of seducing your partner. To make it more sensual change your voice into a sexy tone with this you have given your party hoity feeling. Looking at your partner with dirty gestures gives signal that you are in the mood to have sex. You can also use the under the table leg game to arouse and flirt with a partner sexually. But make it sure your partner is in the condition to do so.  Giving extra challenges to a partner will mostly lead to sexual act. When your challenge is to kiss your partner deeply to show how much you love her/him. Getting out from your shell and explore some possibilities of flirting your partner would give additional aroma to sexual pleasure that you want.


    To be dirty at times doesn’t you are not clean. It implicate that you have a sacred secret behind the cleanliness at the back of your world. Being dirty sometimes will give so much satisfaction that nothing in this world could have the guts to give you. What matters most is that you do dirty acts as it calls for a need and if it is necessary. Always bear in mind that you have the power to control with what you are thinking. Don’t allow your decisions ruin your life. Just do the flirting and that’s all.

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