The other day during my Acton escorts shift, I had a date with his guy with a foot fetish.

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  • January 28, 2019


    Normally I don’t have a problem with that at all, but this guy had really smelly feet. I told him before I could go to work on him, I really needed to wash his feet. That seemed to really turn him, and a mad thought flashed through my Acton escorts brain. Perhaps he kept his feet smelly so that I would wash them.

    I prepared a foot bath for him, and added some essential oils with some liquid soaps. It smelt really nice, and as I started to wash his feet, I could tell that he was getting excited. The essential oils of lemon, chamomille and patchouli smelled delicious, and giving his feet a wash was a pleasurable experience for me as well. I love washing feet at Acton escorts from, and the magic mix of three essentials can really help you when you have smelly feet.

    The other thing that you should do if you would like a girl from Acton escorts to give a little foot treat, is to keep your feet nicely scented. It is not nice being asked to give a guy with smelly feet a toe job. However, I have got used to guys not having such a good idea about foot care, so I am ready with my foot spa and essentials oils. They don’t seem to mind to have their feet washed for them, and I do think that the majority of the gents I meet, get a kick out of my special foot spa treatment.

    As I was holding my Acton escorts date right foot between my breasts, I reminded him to change his socks twice a day. I now that some gents find being suited and booted is the perfect excuse for not changing their socks, but it is perfectly okay to keep a pair of socks in your briefcase. As I travel with Acton escorts a lot in business class, I see a lot of gents who do not care to change their socks. It is silly, and you should really change your socks if you spend long hours wearing your smart shoes.

    Yes, I know good shoes are not cheap, but you should try to make sure you wear different shoes everyday. Wearing the same shoes all of the time, makes your feet really smelly, and it is not good to walk around in the same shoes all of the time neither. I always change my shoes, and would not dream of wearing the same stilettos. I love my stilettos and I have at least ten pairs that I wear at Acton escorts. That means I don’t have to wear the same stilettos all of the time. If you like me to give you a toe job, I would be really grateful if you gave your smelly feet the boot, if you know what I mean. If you are not sure, give me a call and ask me how.

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