What happened to him

  • whitehavenmag
  • August 23, 2017
  • Before we got married, my husband was the sweetest man. He always helped out around the house while I went to work at Tooting escorts, and now he just sits around waiting for everything to be done for him. I could understand that if he was ill or something but he isn’t. He is fit as a fiddle. It is tiring for me as I have to run around and look after him, the kids and hold down a full time job. As a matter of fact, I think that he is taking a mickey.

    The other day he told me that I was lazy and did not do enough. It was the final straw, and since that day we are not speaking any more. I have moved out of the bedroom, and I am doing anything for him anymore. Everything that he asks me to do, gets met with” I am too lazy to do that”.

    Marriage not working? Are you doing everything? It is time to take charge

    You should never be afraid to take charge of your relationship say the ladies at Tooting escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/tooting-escorts. The truth is that 9 out of 10 your husband needs you more than you need him. He may have been the most wonderful guy before your marriage, but most husbands do like to be taken care off. It does not really work, and it is about time fathers and husband stood up to be counted. If you thought that your husband was a better man, it is about time you should him what kind of man you want around the house.

    First of all kids. Families lucky enough to have kids, must appreciate that the job of parenting needs to be shared. Even if you have two daughters, the father should play his part and help to look after the kids. It does not really matter what he does, but he should contribute something. For instance he could help with the homework or take them to sports events during the week. There are plenty of things that fathers could do. Or how about this, perhaps he wants to take them out on Saturday morning so you can clean the house.

    Pets tend to be another hang up, and the burden of caring for pets often falls on the woman. By the time you have come home from work, you are expected to magically walk the dog, and cook the dinner at the same time. If he decided that he wanted a dog before he went off to join that golf club of his, he should really make his dog the priority rather than his golf club.

    Housecleaning is another thing that men are reluctant to share. Here is no need to have any special skills to hoover. Unfortunately, most television ads always show the woman doing hoovering, and this is part of the problem. The roles are still so type cast, and it is all too easy to fall in line with {what advertisers are trying to tell us to do.

    No, if you want to have many of the freedoms and pleasures of family life, you need to appreciate that you cannot rely on one person to do it all. If, he seems reluctant to help, try not to iron his shirts for a week. He will soon get the message, and above all, it is best to be straight with men. Tell him that you can’t do it all!


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